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We offer an extensive line of unique, antique butcher block tables. These tables are perfect for use as kitchen islands. Our butcher blocks are genuine, original, historical artifacts. They have been recovered from all over the United States. Each uniquely expresses that early American craftsmanship. These unique kitchen islands reflect exacting, old world construction. Each has been cleaned and refinished and are ready for delivery to you. We have a number of different styles and sizes available. Our inventory includes butcher blocks that are four, five or six foot in length. Most are two and a half to three feet in width. All have interesting stories behind them. Homeowners who choose to go with a unique antique butcher block, instead of a basic kitchen island, tend to be folks who enjoy the pride that comes with adding a piece of history to your home.

We have a great selection of butcher blocks to choose from. We have scoured the country, looking for the best historic and antique butcher blocks we could find. Butcher Blocks in our inventory are originally from the early 1900’s and make excellent kitchen islands. The Antique Butcher Blocks we have in-stock come in all sizes. They are designed to last the test of time and make perfect kitchen islands. We invite you to visit our “Shop” to see the complete collection.  We offer nationwide delivery services.


Currently Featured Butcher Block Kitchen Islands